We are sure you have heard about the idiom “you get what you pay for.” We believe our value proposition creates VALUE for our clients. Continue for more information.

We believe our service fee(s) speaks volumes about our value proposition and it is defined by the value it creates for our clients. Our firm fee structure is predominately value-pricing with the exception of random and/or one-time needs/projects**. We also bill by project, daily rate, hourly rate, installments based on project schedule, and retainer.

We also understand that every business/individual is different and we want to make sure that we present you a quoate that meets your needs and expectations. If you would like to know our fee before engaging us, please contact us. By disclosing a list of our price up-front, you will not be surprised with our invoice when we complete the quality of work you expect from us.

Monthly Service Fees for Tax Ready Financial Statements and other Accounting & Financial Services

Type of Business

Gross Monthly Revenue

Starting Monthly Fee

Type of Service

Service Fee

Micro Business

For business with up to $15,000 in gross monthly revenue


Business Entity Formation & Tax Entity Selection+Profit Projection


Starting @ $500...Profit projection extra+


Small Business

For business with $15,001-$25,000 in gross monthly revenue


**Advisory & Consulting Services

Please inquire**

Medium Business

For business with $25,001-$65,000 in gross monthly revenue


Annual Individual & Business Tax Preparation 

Please inquire

Large Business

For business with $65,001-$165,000 in gross monthly revenue


Annual Form 990 Tax Preparation

Please inquire

Enterprise Business

For business with $165,001 or more in gross monthly revenue


IRS Audits/Problems/Resolutions

Please inquire

*Payroll and Annual Federal/State Tax Preparation services are extra. Please inquire separately.

**We understand that sometimes you need an expert to discuss complicated business and tax matters. All hourly work NOT relating to our monthly subscription is billed in 1/4 of an hour or in fifteen minute increments. If a matter takes less time, it is rounded up to fifteen minutes for billing purposes. Our hourly rate for consulting services is $300/hour.

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